The Library

The Library offers services supporting the scientific research, collaboration and communication activities of the Research Area Institutes.

The new Library building on the Bologna CNR Research Area campus was completed in 1995, allowing the resident Institutes to pool their bibliographic resources into a single building under centralised management.

The Library collections cover all hard science disciplines, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Environment, Meteorology, Climatology, Geology, Oceanography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Microelectronics, Materials and Nanotechnology.

The Library exploits novel ICT technologies and mobile devices for creating innovative services for researchers, and developing new tools for accessing, creating and sharing knowledge among researchers, students and the public.

The Library prepares and holds training courses for researchers, high-school and university students, as well as librarians.

The Library has coordinated various national and international projects. It has developed in-house, and directs and manages NILDE (Network for Inter-Library Document Exchange), a web-based resource-sharing software for libraries and end-users. It is currently used by university, public research and health libraries in Italy, Spain and Greece, with more than 35,000 end-users registered through their own libraries.

People in the history of the Library

The services and resources which the Library offers today, are the fruit of a great deal of hard work by a large number of people. Their enthusiasm and their esprit de corps whilst sharing their abilities and competence, together with their willingness to teach, as well as to learn, must be acknowledged here.

In particular, the success of the Library derives from contributions from the following people:
Roda Silvana, document delivery and serials service, from 1995 to 2009
Balestri Maria Grazia, online reference service, online databases and serials, patents, Open Access, PUMA project and the Library web site content editor, from 1996 to 2010.

All the young collaborators:
Alaia Vincenzo, Alfarano Cosimo, Anderlini Jacopo, Bacelli Beatrice, Bellicoso Gilda, Bove Domenico, Buzzetti Elisa, Canu Margherita, Carapella Valentina, Casacanditella Alessandra, Casoni Zelda, Correra Elena, Cupini Maria Grazia, De Matteis Daniele, Di Ciero Giorgio, Donvito Annamaria, Falchi Elisa, Ferrarini Stefano, Foresta Angela, Giancristofaro Silverio, Giannuzzi Massimiliano, Grandesso Piero, Guerra Valentina, Iosco Carmela, Iseppi Sara, Luciani Tiziano, Luperto Alessandra, Madera Jaramillo Maria, Malipiero Diego, Mandolesi Gaia, Mataloni Fabiola, Menini Viola, Olivetti Emilia, Palandrani Cristina, Palmieri Jessica, Pavone Sabrina, Pipitone Girolamo, Polliotti Alessandro Yoshi, Pozzetti Stefano, Ragni Pietro Luigi, Ricci Riccardo, Salamone Patrizia, Sanginario Valeria, Sguera Vito, Tenaglia Giacomo, Trebbi Riccardo, Zaetta Marta.

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