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How to search for an article

To search for scientific articles in a specific research sector use one of the databases: Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, Reaxys.
These have been configured to provide direct access to the full text of articles, where the Library subscribes to the resource, by clicking the button, which also provides information on other means of access.

To identify a document with an exact citation, search using “exact phrase” on Google Scholar. The response will list the publisher version, with full text access if available, as well as pre-print or post-print versions posted by authors in institutional repositories.

How to search for an article not available online

If the full text of an article is not available online, the NILDE Document Delivery service can be contacted by institutional users. See how to register with NILDE to access the service. Follow the button, to send the automatically compiled request (authentication needed).
The button will also provide information on the presence of a hard-copy version of the article in the Library.
If the button is not present, the serials catalogue can be used to search for the location of the journal on the Library shelves. The Library locations map will help you find its location.

How to search for an eJournal

The Journal Citation Reports (JCR)contains lists of periodicals organized by subject category.

To see whether the Library subscribes to a specific journal check:

  • the CNR online resources portal, which contains all the periodicals subscribed to by the CNR Central Library and available to all CNR libraries
  • or, the catalogue, which also includes the Library local subscriptions and open access journals. The catalogue allows search by title, publisher, subject category or exact quote. The button, next to each entry provides information on the availability of that title.
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